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Background information

As of 01-07-2016 prices have increased. In recent years we helped a lot of end consumers in the scope of safety actions from Knaus-Tabbert, LMC-TEC, Rapido and SEA. We have ended these actions in 2016. In the period from 01-01-2013 until June 30-06-2016 we have helped you through our website and network of service partners at very low special prices. As of 01-07-2016 we refer you to the after sales network of the producer of your vehicle, as we have no advantageous prices anymore.

We have recently received notifications from many dealers in Europe that certain windows have shown signs of detachment. Polyplastic has had the returned windows tested in its laboratory and these tests have shown that the fully-printed windows, colour number 62 and manufactured in the period March 2004 untill July 2004, can detach under very specific conditions.

The cause is probably a chemical reaction between the adhesive and the ink for the decorative edge, used at that time, which has been negatively affected by long-term UV exposure. It is a very slow and gradual process that has affected these windows. The process can be observed on the bonded edge up to two years in advance, which means that timely action can be taken and the risk of detachment can be prevented in good time.

It is partly for these reasons that Polyplastic is recommending that service recommendations are complied with precisely and that the vehicle is professionally inspected on a regular basis. These service recommendations can be found in the service booklet for your recreation vehicle.